#427 - Tobt419: Blast Furnace - in XVII. My Girl Is A Cryptid

Tobt419: Blast Furnace

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Ariane Eldar

Ariane Eldar Ariane Eldar said:

Staying Kraut and giving a foreshadow about Peter's direction... "I didn't care" by P2o5.

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Ariane's Private Place

20th Nov 2021, 7:06 PM



lirvilas lirvilas

"Ohio Dave"?

where's he from? Michigan?

24th Sep 2022, 3:11 AM


Stilldown Stilldown

I have to checkup that, as he's based on a real person and shop.

24th Sep 2022, 6:18 AM


Stilldown Stilldown

Blast Furnace Cofee House & Antiques in Mingo Junction.


24th Sep 2022, 8:32 PM

Jaycee Storm

Jaycee Storm Jaycee Storm

On the next page, they'll probably meet Ohio-Dave's brother, Wisconsin-Jim. 😂

24th Sep 2022, 8:17 AM


Microraptor Microraptor

And Rhode Island-Frank!
And District of Columbia-Ralf!
And of course Georgia-George! ^^

24th Sep 2022, 12:45 PM


Stilldown Stilldown

I think I have to look for prove...

24th Sep 2022, 8:23 PM


jawbone jawbone

It's the first night of a cattle drive, and the cowpokes have gathered around the fire to drink coffee (or something...), and the introductions begin:
I'm Tex from Texas.
I'm Cal from California.
I'm Henry from Louisiana.

28th Sep 2022, 11:48 PM

Ariane Eldar

Ariane Eldar Ariane Eldar

Hahaha, I could do that for hours... Wait, Henry Lousiana... I think I ate some barbecue there once.

29th Sep 2022, 6:46 AM


Stilldown Stilldown


24th Sep 2022, 8:35 PM


Toorambunctious1 Toorambunctious1

to top of Jaycee ... Let's make Ohio Dave a triplet. And add Tennessee Jack to the mix. Hehehe

24th Sep 2022, 3:19 PM


Stilldown Stilldown

Sounds like a cocktail

24th Sep 2022, 8:23 PM


-3- -3-

Looking at the comments, i'm obviously confused.
I thought it was the Japanese greeting. You know "Ohio Dave" like "Hello Kitty"

I'll blame the Furnace Filters. Just being near them could be enough to muck up my brain.

28th Sep 2022, 6:47 PM

Ariane Eldar

Ariane Eldar Ariane Eldar

Hahaha, Dave has a shop in Ohio called Blast Furnace , so he got his nickname as he moved to Gernsbeck. Ohio Filters are only-only for expert smokers!

28th Sep 2022, 8:09 PM

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