For Speak-like-Ariane-Day, fan-fiction, guest comics, or all the cosplayers out there – speaking arianish is not that difficult. She uses some catch phrases and her personal slang, listed below.
Doubling of words: Ariane doubles words if she wants to emphasize something, but she only uses doubled words once in a sentence. So it would be either "Let's go, This place is so boring, and I'm thirsty-thirsty!" or: "Let's go, This place is so boring-boring, and I'm thirsty!", but not: "Let's go, This place is so boring-boring, and I'm thirsty-thirsty!"
Sometimes she adds an "y" or "ie" if it fits: Girly-girl, nightie-night, etc.

Corrupted names: Ariane delibaretely corrupts names of persons she doesn't like. So she will say Harrer Potty instead of Harry Potter, Gutter Mutt instead of Getter Must, Tuna instead of Tona, Litterbum instead of Ytterbium, etc.
Catch phrases:
May the gods help you
Spank me
So sorry-sorry
You've got the brainworms
Bollocks = The common people
Bollock-devotchka = Boring or stupid girl/ woman
Bolty-bolting = Sexual intercourse
Butty-butt = Behind
Darlings = Friends and fans
Devotchka = A girl, borrowed from Clockwork Orange.
Dhole = Penis
Dhole-wrap = Preservative, condome
Family-show-and-blah = Boring mainstream things
To find away = To steal
Flokatihead = A female blonde
Freaky-freaks = Interesting people (male)
Diaper-maggot = A baby
Doom-devotchka = attractive, charismatic girl
Doom-vamp = Even better then doom-devotchka
Humpty-dumpting = ejaculating
Stop making kissy-faces = stop being nice
Mr. Normal = Bollock
Mr. Skin = Penis
Revox-and-all = A luxury place/lifestyle, only good taste and high quality furniture/ equipment
Shoggoth-poo = Like a huge pile of dog-poo, just toxic. Something you want to get rid of very fast
Supporter = Sugar daddy
Vestibule = Vagina
Wafer licker = Catholics
Wussy-whimps = Soft, weak guys