#19 - IV.6 Just A Mummy - in IV. The Faceless God Returns

IV.6 Just A Mummy

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Stilldown Stilldown

first appearance of Big Jock Horserock. Cameos: Characters from webcomics I-Mummy and M9 Girls. The detective in the background is Nick Knatterton from Manfred Schmidt, first seen in 1950. The only german comic that had a huge international success. The couple in the background are travellers frome some kobaian planet, as you see by the magma sign.

8th Feb 2020, 3:41 PM


Mrremoraman Mrremoraman

Invisible girl

Same diff.

13th May 2020, 1:45 AM


Stilldown Stilldown

When I think about it, I do recall an invisible lady, but not really a girl mummy for movies, except from a late Achternbusch movie.

13th May 2020, 6:27 AM

The Letter M

The Letter M The Letter M

Ah. The man with the hoof!

12th Feb 2021, 11:23 AM


Stilldown Stilldown

Yes! We will see more of him in the later colored chapters.

12th Feb 2021, 11:48 AM

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