#295 - Tobt291web: The Diesel Bike - in XV. All Along The Bifröst Highway

Tobt291web: The Diesel Bike

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Ariane Eldar

Ariane Eldar Ariane Eldar said:

Roger Daltrey, Christian Vander, Cousin Kevin and Little Alex. Quotations from Tommy, Quadrophenia and Clockwork Orange.

8th Mar 2020, 9:29 PM



jawbone jawbone

Lurvely mashup there - Daltry, for one was vastly more talented than was evident from his music career. He co-starred with Michael Kitchen in Jonathan Miller's production of _The Comedy of Errors_ for the BBC and was one of the better Dromios I've seen.

5th Apr 2020, 3:19 AM


Stilldown Stilldown

He also played Liszt in Russel's excellent Liztomania and, as a learned metalwoker, even built his first electric guitar (although he was the singer) from scratch!

5th Apr 2020, 9:22 AM


NeilKapit NeilKapit

A bit of the old ultra-shoggoth-poo

9th Apr 2020, 3:44 AM

Ariane Eldar

Ariane Eldar Ariane Eldar

I should kick that gloopy bollock's shinbone guttiwuts and sharries.

9th Apr 2020, 12:00 PM

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